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Share Your Concerns about Dental Mercury with Your Dentist

As a patient, you have the right to know what is being put in your mouth. You also have the right to express concerns about any treatment offered to you, including the use of mercury / amalgam / silver fillings, all of which contain approximately 50% mercury.

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Exposure to mercury during removal of amalgam

When the water spray was not used, the short time threshold limit values for exposure to mercury and silver were exceeded about 10 times. With water spray the mercury content was reduced to a level considerably lower than the threshold limit value, whereas the silver concentration slightly exceeded the corresponding limit.

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Mercury intoxication following unreported spillage

An unreported spillage of mercury in a dental surgery resulting in four non-fatal cases of mercury intoxication by inhalation of mercury vapor is described and clinical symptoms in relation to urine mercury levels noted and discussed. The method of detection and decontamination of the mercury vapor source is reported, and suggestions for preventing spillage of mercury and reducing the risk of intoxication from such accidental spillage are made. Continued vigilance by all persons handling mercury is stressed.

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