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The amount of mercury released from amalgam fillings depends on the number of fillings a patient has and other circumstances, such as chewing, teeth-grinding, and the consumption of hot liquids.

“Mercury is also known to be released at higher levels during the placement, replacement, and removal of dental mercury amalgam fillings.”

Some patients require the removal of silver amalgam fillings due to device failure and/or hypersensitivity, while others opt for the removal of silver amalgam fillings because of cosmetic purposes (white-colored fillings match the teeth better) or because they prefer to have dental fillings that do not contain mercury. However, removal of silver amalgam fillings without safety measures can potentially result in everyone in the dental room exceeding the safety limit of mercury exposure. Obviously, the danger to the patient is the greatest since mercury is being released directly into the mouth. Also, dentists and dental staff not applying safety techniques can be routinely exposed to these mercury releases.