Cabaña-Muñoz ME, Parmigiani-Izquierdo JM, Parmigiani-Cabaña JM, Merino JJ. Safe removal of amalgam fillings in dental clinic: use of synergic nasal filters (active carbon) and phytonaturals. International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR). 2015 March;4(3):2392-3.

Thus, dentist and patient should have been encouraged to avoid risk factors associated with unnecessary exposure to mercury during/after removal amalgam fillings. Mercury exposure from amalgam fillings is dramatically increased by chewing, eating, brushing, and drinking hot liquids. To avoid this, the use of safe protocols for dental filling removal together with (the synergic) use of nasal filters (active carbon) and nutritional supplements (i.e.: Curcuma longa, Clorella, Desmodium….) would enhance endogenous detoxification capacities against heavy metals in patients before / during / after removal of dental amalgam.